When food is love

Recently someone asked me what ‘my food’ was- what was my style, my writing angle etc. Totally caught off-guard I stared back at them, mouth open, eyes wandering the room, guttural ‘uhhhhhh’ escaping from me. No one had ever asked me that question point blank, and I had never really asked it of myself.

Thankfully a friend chimed in and answered, “She writes about using real ingredients in kind of a nice, family-friendly sort of way”. “Huh”, I thought “I guess I do. How boring!” And how totally oblivious of me to have never reflected on this before. Especially as someone who is continually looking to define my ‘voice’.

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Ways we veg

There are many reasons and desires that come into play whenever we sit down for a meal. Hunger and necessity for food as a biological need of course, but food at some point for virtually everyone, can satisfy something more than just nourishing the body and providing energy. It can trigger memory, serve as a reward, provide comfort, inspire, celebrate or memorialise an event or person… the list goes on.

There are some people in this world who can eat the same thing on a daily basis, or slight variations of it, and be perfectly content and satisfied, seeking and receiving the emotional or creative fulfillment elsewhere. I am not one of those people.

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Grilled Aubergine Salad

Summer time cooking is always a bit of a complicated matter for me. Grocery stores, markets, and of course the relentless internet are all heaving with brightly coloured fresh and juicy produce; pinks, reds, yellows and greens popping out from every which way. And yet, my kitchen itself begins to sweat even before I’ve switched on the kettle or stove. I’m over-the-top inspired by the beautiful array of fresh fruits and vegetables on the inside, but completely lazy and in fear of doing anything that will result in my limbs sticking to each other, on the outside. What to do? Continue reading


My late Grandma Ruth was an incredible traveler, and a terrible, terrible cook. She took to traveling quite late in her life, not having the funds or freedom to do so earlier. But once she stepped onto her first airplane bound for outside the US borders, the woman could not be stopped. My mother says she was the type of person that ‘always had a suitcase packed’, ready for the next adventure. Her sense of adventure was unprecedented, especially considering she was well into her 50’s before she begun. Continue reading

Experimenting with Fresh Salsa

I’ve heard it said that our taste buds change every seven years- have you heard that? Is it true?

I remember not liking tomatoes as a young child, nor tomato soup. Every time I was presented with the option to eat them and refused someone would always pipe up and tell me my taste buds would change as I got older and I would like them. Annoying at the time (‘I AM old‘) but turns out they, whomever they were, were correct.

I’ve recently had a revelation, or rather my taste buds have. Turns out, I LOVE coriander (cilantro). Not only did I not like it, but I borderline detested it up until, well, about a month ago. And then all of a sudden something magically changed.

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