IMG_1089Food writer, cultural and culinary anthropologist, blog enthusiast, cookery school advocate, mother of two little girls with big appetites (apple doesn’t fall far…)

In 2008 I made the leap from anthropology and the performing arts to food, taking all I had learned and loved with me. Eating, reading, cooking everything I can get my hands on and hoping to teach my girls to do the same.

When I travel, food markets and grocery stores are my museums.

When I want to tell someone I love them, I make them something to eat.

When I want to understand something better, I sit down at the table.

And nothing but nothing beats a kitchen dance party.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Adrienne. this is a lovely blog. Food, nice writing, pretty pictures. Good job. If you add a subscription thingy I’ll subscribe…then you’ll have four. I’ve been blogging for three, four years now and I’m probably up to 20! Miss you. And as you know you have incredibly beautiful kids. Good job there too.

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    1. Marj! Hi! Thanks so much for the compliments and feedback. Adding an obvious subscribe link will be my next step. And now that I’ve found your blog I’m going to binge read your posts to see all of the incredible places you’ve been and your always interesting perspective. We’re still in London if you ever decide to repeat countries- I would love to introduce you to Nick and the girls! Miss you and the Land of Enchantment!


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