Thanks, Dad.

Warm Grape Nuts with honey, that came with the recipe; ‘let A lick the spoon’. Weekend bike rides with scabby knees.

Experimenting with Fresh Salsa

I’ve heard it said that our taste buds change every seven years- have you heard that? Is it true? I remember not liking tomatoes as a young child, nor tomato soup. Every time I was presented with the option to eat them and refused someone would always pipe up and tell me my taste buds…

An Egg Sandwich for My Momma

If she were here, or I would there, this is what I would give her for Mother’s Day. This is how our day would go

Apple, Peanut Butter & Raisin Overnight Oats

Well, after a learning curve like you wouldn’t believe it seems like eight months into the daily school routine and we have FINALLY figured out our morning routine for dressing, eating and getting out the door. I’m just waiting for some major change to occur that forces us to rethink everything (hello potty training) but…

Pickling for Passover

Passover, for me, is a funny holiday to celebrate. It is one of the most important holidays in the Jewish calendar, and comes with a very memorable and distinct set of rituals and practices. First there is the seder; a meal/ceremony/story telling of sorts that involves a wide variety of prayers, rituals like hand washing,…

Warm Cross-less Buns

A few weeks ago we celebrated Easter Sunday. And a few weeks before that I sat down with Nick to make a plan for how exactly we wanted to celebrate the holiday. While Easter is of course a deeply religious holiday for some, it wasn’t for us. We still wanted to participate however, as it…

Pox Parties and Rainbow Cake

It was supposed to be their birthday party. We had prepared ourselves for a gaggle of sticky-fingered children, chaos, and general messy birthday fun. The cake had been made (and frozen), party outfits purchased, and invites sent. What we couldn’t have possible prepared for were the spots that quickly covered one of the birthday girl’s…

The Promise of Spring

It’s officially Spring! Goodbye to the frosty cold mornings of winter. Goodbye to the ten minutes it takes to get everyone ready with hats and coats before we walk out the door.  Goodbye to the box of tissues that we’ve been using to decorate each room in our house, and goodbye to the sugar we’ve…

March 6th

Today is March 6th. Four years ago today I became a mother.  It is fitting that this year both Mother’s Day in the UK and Nell’s birthday fall on the very same day. The overlap is a powerful and personal one.

Happy Birthday Pups!

Two years ago today our little Pups came into the world, on her own terms from the very start.