Weekly Meal Prep- and other slightly neurotic kitchen habits

It is no secret I am a lover of lists, multi-coloured post-it-notes, pens, and any other whistles and bells marketed towards slightly-compulsive-disguised-as-organised people. Weekly meal prep makes me feel accomplished, prepared, ready to take on the world through my refrigerator and wipe board (only exaggerating slightly). And the pretty vegetables, matching-lid tupperware, and labeled containers- they are the stuff of dreams.DSC_0342

Last Sunday morning, while Isla napped and Nell watched Winnie the Pooh I began my weekly prep.  By making separate items, rather than a few casseroles, I’ve recently found it gives me more creative freedom during the week to change things up  a bit.  It makes for a nice variety of dishes that everyone seems to really enjoy, rather than attempting to dress up 3-day-old casserole. This week for instance, we tried golden beetroot for the first time!  It’s milder than the normal purplish-red stuff, and incidentally stains your hands less when peeling and chopping it.

Here was the breakdown, as well as the recipes I wanted to make a version of with our provisions:


the major part of the prep during the winter/early spring

5 sweet potatoes with butter

700g/1+lbs carrots with fresh & dried thyme and vegetable oil

6 golden beetroots with honey and vegetable oil

5 chicken breasts, marinated overnight in balsamic, tamari, honey and tamarind

1 butternut squash with salt and butter

I also chopped 2 heads of broccoli down into florets, and made our weekly loaf of whole wheat and raisin bread.

Through out the week I had high hopes these ingredients would magically became a version of one, some or all of the following ;

Savoury Vegetable Crumble

Crostini with Root Vegetables & Ricotta

Chicken Pad Thai

Balsamic & Honey Chicken

Even if nothing came of my recipe aspirations, the prep resulted in enough finger-food size vegetables to dip into yoghurt, lentil dip, or mix into pasta with pesto.  Which was good enough for me.


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  1. Amaryllis says:

    Dang woman, you got some organisation skills! Jealous and inspired!


    1. With two small people, you gotta get when the getting is good sometimes. Or be satisfied with cereal, which just never does it for me.


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