Thanks, Dad.

Warm Grape Nuts with honey, that came with the recipe; ‘let A lick the spoon’.

Weekend bike rides with scabby knees.

Summer softball league games and practices, synchronised swim shows and ballet concerts. Every single one.

Flowers on Valentines day, no matter where in the world I was.IMG_1589`

The Dad Special- Toasted tuna sandwiches with mayo and relish, potato chips and a glass of coke with ice.

Rides to and from friends houses, events, classes.

When my boyfriend broke up with me and I had to move back in.

When my car broke down in Albuquerque and I called hysterically, needing money to fix it.

When I left the country, freaking out in the airport and unable to look back for one last goodbye.

When I finally met the man I loved and never moved back.

When I got married.

When my babies were born. DSC_0165

When they were sick. When I was sick.

When I got a degree in something pretty out there, and had to scrape my way through unhappy, unfulfilling jobs.

When I felt every mile that separated me from my parents.

With every celebration. With every commiseration.

You’ve been here. Offering a hug and a joke and a scruff on the neck.

Lucky, lucky, lucky me to have you.IMG_1828

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.

Oh, and thanks. Like, a whole lot.





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Louise Groves says:

    Wow, beautiful, made me cry x


    1. Thanks, Louise! Made me cry while writing it too…


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