Pox Parties and Rainbow Cake

It was supposed to be their birthday party. We had prepared ourselves for a gaggle of sticky-fingered children, chaos, and general messy birthday fun. The cake had been made (and frozen), party outfits purchased, and invites sent. What we couldn’t have possible prepared for were the spots that quickly covered one of the birthday girl’s birthday suit.

It was only chicken pox, but making lemonade of it was still a challenge for all of us. Having to cancel their joint birthday party didn’t exactly help either. So we had a pox party. The girls got their cake, we celebrated and shared our cake with neighbours and friends in small, individual deliveries with a kept distance, and we found out (thankfully without an audience) that when making a rainbow cake, one must go sparingly on the frosting. I basically made a heap of cream-cheese-and-sprinkle-frosting with a side of sponge cake. Perfect for a two and four-year-old but painfully sweet for pretty much anyone else. Our two favourite entities made their appearances as well…DSC_0987

We attempted to look at this pox experience as a rite of passage for both parent and child. We initiated ourselves with oatmeal baths, wine, and mounds of cream cheese frosting laden rainbow cake (and no less than half a dozen ‘get well soon’ presents thoughtfully sent from grandparents). Both the sponge and the frosting were from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, but I’ll rethink the ratios for my next attempt at a rainbow cake- so I don’t have to put the dentist on speed dial.




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  1. Phylicia says:

    Oh my! Looks like they still had a good time! 🙂 cake looks like Layla’s dream!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They still had a good time, and didn’t have to worry about sharing their cake (although we did). It was pretty much a pile of rainbow colored sugar… 🙂


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