The Promise of Spring

It’s officially Spring!

Goodbye to the frosty cold mornings of winter. Goodbye to the ten minutes it takes to get everyone ready with hats and coats before we walk out the door.  Goodbye to the box of tissues that we’ve been using to decorate each room in our house, and goodbye to the sugar we’ve inserted into our diets in place of sunshine.

I am nothing if not hopeful, as I write this with my three-week-old cold still lingering, bundled in a sweater, with a box of tissues and a stack of biscuits by my side…

But with the coming of spring I am at least able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


We got out into the garden yesterday, bundled still, and cleared away the old to make way for the new. Older and more mobile than ever this year, I envision many hours of play spent there, watching everything from the grass to the girls to the seedlings grow and blossom and bloom. The hopeful and eventual overflow of vegetables in our little dirt patch. The lack of clock watching that comes with outdoor activities. DSC_0937

I don’t know what will actually work in our garden this year. Last year we had far too much pak choi and too few carrots. Who knows what will be this year? As long as it gives us a good excuse to get into the dirt and possibly get the girls eating something straight off the plant (not the chillies!) I don’t really care too much. Any green thumbs out there? Your ideas are welcome.

Happy Spring!


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