Happy Birthday Pups!

Two years ago today our little Pups came into the world, on her own terms from the very start. Isla had originally been a planned c-section due to her breach position. We discovered however on the day we thought was going to be her birthday (some two plus weeks earlier), that she made a last minute call, not being one who liked to be told what to do, and turned herself around. The hospital sent us back home to wait, equal parts confused and relieved.

DSC_0920Though similar in appearance to her big sister, Isla has proven time and time again to be her own person; favouring buses over princesses, movement over stillness, and dairy far above any other food group.  Fearless, stubborn, with a wicked sense of humour and her heart on her sleeve, Isla has taught us all how to adapt, how to loosen the reins of control, and the remarkable healing properties laughter can bring to most situations.

IMG_0276Though not a baby anymore(!) you’ll always be our little Pups. Happy 2nd birthday to our wild child. We love you so.





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  1. bebe katz says:

    Happy Birthday, love Mimi

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