Baking with Young Kids

This is the time of year for indulging. Whether it’s with food, presents, time spent on yourself or on someone else, it is a time of year where people seem to say ‘yes’ when other times they would say ‘no’.

It can also be a time of year where the cold, rain or snow, along with the darkness creep in, and we are forced to keep ourselves busy and occupied inside our houses. And with young children with nurseries and schools closed for Christmas holidays, this attempt to ‘keep busy’ (aka- avoid tears) is even greater.

Baking and cooking has always been one of my go-to fail safes for keeping my kids entertained. It has been a wonderful way for us to spend time together that doesn’t involve a screen. It gives me an easy opportunity to teach them something or give them a new experience, as well as enjoy (hopefully) delicious results.  But I have also learned in order for this experience to be enjoyed by all parties, there are some givens I need to accept, and some responsibilities I need to harness before the mixing and rolling and decorating begin. Continue reading

Creamy Carrot, Tomato & Sweet Potato Soup

It has become an unspoken tradition that the first meal my mother ever serves me whenever I’m able to head home for a visit, is tomato soup and grilled cheese. Jet lagged, with a layer of plane air still on my face, and exhausted I know I will seek comfort at her table, in a warm bowl of soup and a melty, cheesy sandwich.  It’s perfect. It’s become one of those things that now makes me feel safe, and loved, and settled.

And so with another soup.  For comfort. For warmth. In attempt to turn off the news, unplug from the stress, ignore the cold, think of people we love, and fill up with something good. Plus chopping vegetables is therapeutic if you ask me.

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