Easy Peasy Creamy Lemon Pasta with Smoked Salmon

When kids are small, food seems to fall in and out of favour on a pretty regular basis.  It makes it very hard to keep up, hard not to over-saturate their plate and palate with whatever the ‘ingredient of the week’ is (everything will contain peas, no sweet potato, no wait now it’s cheese!) and exceptionally hard to make a successful family meal without any form of negotiating, picking food out, or getting up from the table a million times to fetch whatever the requested condiment, beverage or new food item may be.

I try to be as chill about meal time as possible (at least outwardly so), save for a few rules like actually sitting at the table (Isla’s not a fan) and you know, not throwing food .  Sometimes it works out, and other times I’m getting up mid-meal to pour myself a glass of wine and sneak in a few deep breaths in attempt cope with the chaos.  I try when I can to take the long view.  If they had two good meals that day and they want bananas for dinner, yeah ok, it’s still a good choice. If they ate their weight in frozen peas yesterday (this week’s ‘food item of the week’) and then won’t touch anything green today, it’s a bit harder but still, ok- I’ll try to compensate for it tomorrow.  This week, this dish is the culmination of all of their current ingredients of choice. I’m sure no one will touch it next week, but I will revel in its glory for now.


Creamy Lemon Pasta with Peas & Smoked Salmon

Serves 2-4 depending on the size of people you are feeding

2 cups pasta (any shape you like)

1/2 cup natural greek yoghurt, more if you want it even creamier

juice from 1/2 lemon

1/2 cup frozen peas

1 pack smoked salmon or trout, desired amount cut into thin strips


This dish is about as easy as it sounds, which makes it all the better.  Cook the pasta, throwing the peas into the same pot for the last 2 minutes and drain.  In the warm pot add in the yoghurt and lemon and stir together.  Add the pasta and peas back in, mix, and serve with the thin strips of smoked salmon on top.  Fresh ground pepper is a nice addition too.

Dinner in 15 minutes.  Pairs well with whine and also wine;)


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