Roasted Tomatoes

As we continue to head full force into autumn, we are doing our best to utilise the end of our crop of vegetables from the warm days of summer.  And as neither of the girls will currently touch a raw tomato, we’ve got a lot leftover to go round!

After giving bags of tomatoes to friends and neighbours, I wanted to make use of what remained, rather than allowing them to rot on the counter, or be ruined by the first frost.  Easiest and most efficient way I could come up with was roasting them, to insure we got as much rich tomato-y flavour from them as possible.DSC_0297

Roasting tomatoes is easy to do, as well as being a great way to buy yourself more time as you decide what on earth to do with so many tomatoes.  Add them to stews or blend them into sauces, use with roasted garlic spread over crusty bread, dip bread into the oil or use it when making eggs, or put them on a pizza or toastie- the possibilities are endless.DSC_0299

The quantities for this recipe are solely based on the amount of tomatoes I had ripe on hand (I’ve got another couple lots to go before the plants are done I think, plus I’m working on some green tomato recipes as well).  Play around and experiment with flavours, the ‘recipe’ below  is more for inspiration rather than exact measurements. Chillies, fresh parsley, cumin… open up the fridge and cupboards and get those creative (tomato) juices flowing!

What do you do with your tomatoes? I’d love to know!

DSC_0314Roasted Tomatoes

15-20 cherry tomatoes

1 tsp garlic granules or 1 fresh garlic clove, finely diced

2 tsp dried thyme

2 tsp dried oregano

2 tsp sea salt

freshly ground pepper

1-2 tbsp oil for roasting, plus additional oil for keeping


Preheat oven to 180C/350F

Slice your tomatoes as evenly as possible and place on a baking tray.  Add whatever seasoning you choose (see mine above) and drizzle your oil on top.  Place in the oven for 30-40 minutes, checking periodically to make sure they aren’t burning.  I know mine are just about done when the smell of herbs fills the kitchen.

Remove from oven, cool and place into a jar or tupperware with a lid, adding any juices or oils from the tray as well.  Top with additional oil to better preserve the tomatoes in the fridge. The oil will begin to infuse with both the tomatoes and herbs so don’t forget to use it too!


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