Strawberry Banana & Yoghurt Muffins, For My Sister

For my sister; who is too far away for me to cook for, so I have to tell her I love her with a recipe.

For my sister; who I  understand a little bit more each time I watch my own miniature set of big and little interact.  The way Nell thinks about her little. The way Isla looks at her big.

For my sister. My kick ass, kindhearted sister. I promise to bake you these forever and ever.

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Moroccan-Inspired Turkey & Carrot Meatballs

Last week, was a very long week.  Work, parenting and life had all left me exhausted and uninspired, both in the kitchen and beyond.  I sat down several times to write a post and found it impossible to put down anything even remotely significant and worth sharing.  I was burnt out and feeling the effects of a very long July.  So, despite my worry that I wasn’t being ‘productive’ or ‘following through’ on a commitment I had made to myself, in the end I decided to follow the advice I give my three year old when she has pushed herself too far.  I took a break. And though part of me felt guilty for it, I knew that I needed it and I did it anyway.

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