Raspberry & Orange Oaty Crumble and some thoughts on food

Each week when I go through my photos on my camera there are two very strong themes: food and babies.  With each flick through it’s food and babies, food and babies, food and babies, with equal amounts of both.  And rightly so really, because at this stage the food I make is directly related to what I think the babies will eat, as well as my attempt to squeeze in as much nutrition for them, with every option I offer.

Just as I think the same thing each week when I scroll through my photos, I also have a reoccurring feeling each Thursday when I put my groceries away (as it so happens growing up my mother also shopped on Thursdays- not sure if that was a subconscious choice I made or not).  I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I have never experienced food insecurity whilst having a young family.  There was a fleeting moment of it back in my early 20’s (working as a ‘government volunteer’ ironically), but nothing every so serious that I couldn’t swallow my pride and call up my parents to ask for help if I really needed it.

DSC_0365We are lucky to have the funds each week to buy quality ingredients for our children, and lucky enough to have the time to make homemade food as often as we do. Most of those meals are not fancy by any stretch of the imagination, they can sometimes get repetitive, boring (part of the reason for this blog is to help prevent/help us out of the rut). But, despite those hazards I know exactly what I am putting on the table. It matters to me and I am grateful for the ability to actively practice it, even when it means scrambled eggs and roasted sweet potatoes for dinner, yet again. I feel privileged to be able give my children choice, and second or even third helpings if they want or need. I am also incredibly lucky to have the support and ability to create a work life that allows me to be here at home most of the time when my children eat.  This privilege is not lost on me. I am determined to make the most of the opportunity in every possible way while I have it. I am grateful for it. I will not squander it. I hope to do just the opposite.


Raspberry & Orange Oaty Crumble


75g rolled oats

100g unsalted butter, cut into cubes

100g plain flour

2 tbsp sugar

zest of 1 orange


500g/1lb raspberries

1 tbsp sugar

1/2 orange, juiced

1/4 tsp cinnamon


In a medium-sized bowl or food processor (I went with bowl) mix together all of your topping ingredients.  Use your fingers (unless you’re using the food processor in which case DO NOT use your fingers!) to break up the butter, mixing it in with the flour and oats until you have a dry, crumb-like topping.

Using a glass or tin pie base, tip in your raspberries, spreading them out evenly. Pour over the orange juice, followed by a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar, then coat with your crumble topping.

Pop it into a preheated 200C/400F oven for 35-40 minutes, or until your topping starts to turn golden brown and your raspberries are thick and bubbly.  Cool slightly and serve with ice cream for a treat, or Greek yoghurt as breakfast.  We went the yoghurt route and ended up eating the last half of it straight from the dish.  More fun. Less clean up.



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  1. Bebe Weinberg Katz says:

    I shopped on Thursdays because it was the best fit with my work and your school schedules and the new weekly specials posted every Wednesday.


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