Embracing Summer- DIY Coconut & Nectarine Popsicles

Summer has never been my favourite season.  Not that I don’t like it, but as a kid, I’m slightly embarrassed to say, I actually looked forward to the end of summer and all that came with it (including my birthday).  Going school supply shopping- all of those pristine pens and colour-coded folders and notebooks.  Anticipating the soon-to-be cooler temperatures and back-to-school-schedule with new shoes, cozy sweaters and jeans.  The joyful anticipation of leaves changing colour, apples ripening for picking, cooler nights setting in; this was as exciting for me as the start of summer vacation probably was for most of my peers.DSC_0114

Not much has changed for me in terms of the season I personally look most forward to, but I’m learning with little people around to embrace summer just as wholeheartedly.  Summer now is an excuse to be a bit messier, a bit more carefree than usual.  The finger paints and the water trays, the sand boxes and the sunscreen.  The popsicles and the barbecues, the juicy watermelons, the later bedtimes.  Less laundry and more little bodies to be washed after a full day of wandering around outside in the dirt (and then bringing it back inside with them).  Summer is a valid excuse for a cold beer in the middle of the day, a second (or third) iced coffee, and let’s not forget ice cream.


I know that by the end of this season my longing for autumn will be the same as it ever was.  But until then I’m going to do my best embrace summer like these kids.


Coconut & Nectarine Popsicles (Ice Lollies)

makes up to 12 – depending on size of moulds (equally delicious for kids and grown ups!)


1 tin coconut milk

2-3 tbsp pure maple syrup

4-5 very ripe nectarines, peeled & chopped

1 tsp vanilla paste


Whisk together coconut milk, maple syrup, and vanilla.  Add in your chopped up nectarines (or whatever super ripe fruit you’ve got available) and any of the juices from chopping. Mix a few times, pour into moulds and freeze.  Eat outside in the sunshine if possible.DSC_0122


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  1. nev says:

    I read it!


    1. I won’t let it go to my head. But there will be a quiz next time I see you just to make sure:)


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