Weekend Quiche

I was always under the impression that making quiche was a serious undertaking, left only for those with ample unscheduled time on their hands or a patisserie qualification. But after mastering the fritatta and the strata, finding both way easier than I had imagined, quiche seemed the next appropriate brunchy egg dish.  Turns out, it’s pretty easy …especially if you cheat and use the pre-packaged crust that has been sitting in your freezer for 6 months! Sure, it would have painted a prettier picture if it was a homemade crust, but, well, this is a realistic blog after all, not an aspirational one.  The cooking and eating adventures I share are ones that happen in the midst of life with three other people.  And in this life pre-made crusts happen. And they are totally acceptable. Especially when used to achieve something more important, like time spent together with people you love.

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Veggie Muffins and other Temporary Parenting Soutions

When I decided to start writing this blog, it was never my intention to turn it into a full-on ‘mommy blog’.  Not that some of those parenting/kid-focused blogs out there aren’t great resources (that I use often even), but I didn’t want to have to hold myself to strict rules, topics or agendas.

That said, I’m pretty sure versions of these muffins have made many appearances on these types of blogs, and for good reasons really.  This particular version started off as an inspired attempt to come up with some solutions to the following issues:

Embracing Summer- DIY Coconut & Nectarine Popsicles

Summer has never been my favourite season.  Not that I don’t like it, but as a kid, I’m slightly embarrassed to say, I actually looked forward to the end of summer and all that came with it (including my birthday).  Going school supply shopping- all of those pristine pens and colour-coded folders and notebooks.  Anticipating the soon-to-be cooler temperatures and back-to-school-schedule with new shoes, cozy sweaters and jeans.  The joyful anticipation of leaves changing colour, apples ripening for picking, cooler nights setting in; this was as exciting for me as the start of summer vacation probably was for most of my peers. Continue reading

Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Sauce

A few years ago I made a promise to myself never to use jarred pasta sauce again.  The homemade version (the kind you can make without added sugar or stabalisers) takes all of 10 minutes of active cooking, and tastes so much better.

Here’s a variation to the standard tomato sauce.  It’s a great alternative as well as a good way to gently introduce little people to the earthy, sweet flavours of roasted peppers. Continue reading