Using Up Leftovers- Our Weekly Frittata

Top-to-tail eating is something that has been on trend for a few years now in the food industry.  Many (good) restaurants will make a point of using all of the animal (fat, bones, tougher cuts of the meat), all of the vegetable (stalks, leaves etc), forage for garnishes etc.

Countries like France are starting to also encourage consumers to buy delicious tasting but not-so-perfect-looking fruit and vegetables by offering it now at a discount, meaning that hard working farmers aren’t wasting large portions of their crop just because the produce isn’t perfectly round or smooth.

There are multiple examples of this ‘create-no-waste’ value happening out in the world, which is wonderful but also necessary given the growing world population, state of the environment, and desire to, whenever possible, support the high welfare farmer (as opposed to the low quality, over-populated and mass-produced corporation).  In that same vein, it is equally important to try to maintain this same standard at home, for multiple reasons, one of which- food, especially food which is grown or raised without pesticides, hormones sad, depressing cages is really freaking expensive.DSC_0123

I try to get creative with leftovers when I can (some successful, others notsomuch), but sometimes I prefer to just go for the safe bet.  Namely, a frittata.  The girls will almost always eat at least part of it (I don’t care what they pick out if all options to choose from benefit them in some way). It’s also filling and quick, and with some toast on the side, it’s a meal.

This week’s was a bacon, sweet potato, roasted carrot, roasted broccoli, cheese concoction.  Serve it warm the first day, cold on the second if there are leftovers (how meta) because, well, reheated egg is just gross.  Add a bit of ketchup if it’s not going down well.  I’m not now, nor will I ever be above ketchup.  Tada. Dinner (or lunch, or breakfast- whatever).

DSC_0124Leftover-Friendly Frittata

*this was ours from this week, but all ingredients can be subbed out for whatever you have

serves 4

5 eggs, beaten

3 slices streaky bacon, sliced into 1cm size pieces

1/2 white onion, diced

1 clove garlic, diced

1/2 orange pepper, diced

1/2 cup (approx 1-2 carrots) roasted carrots, bite-sized

1/2 cup (or 1 small head) roasted broccoli florets, bite-sized

1/2 sweet potato, roasted and diced

50g mature cheddar cheese, diced or grated


In an oven-safe pan over a medium high heat, add your bacon and fry for 3 minutes or so, until it renders slightly and oil is produced.  Add your onions and fry for a further 2-3 minutes until softened, then adding in your garlic so as not to burn.  Add your orange pepper and fry for a couple of minutes until softened slightly. If the pan is looking a bit dry add a bit of oil or butter as needed.

Add whatever pre-cooked veggies you’ve got on hand; carrots, broccoli and sweet potato for me in this instance.  Make sure to space your ingredients out, as unlike scrambled eggs, you won’t continue to move them around the pan once the egg goes in.

Next add your eggs, and let them set and cook for a few minutes before turning your heat down to medium so as not to burn the onions or garlic at the bottom of the pan.

When the edges of the frittata are starting to set but the centre is still loose, add your cheese, turn off heat and place pan in the oven under the grill for the last few minutes of cooking until the centre of your eggs have set.  It didn’t happen this time round for the photos (because.. well life) but bubbly, golden and toasty cheese makes whatever is underneath it go pretty much unnoticed and uncontested.  That coupled with the bacon and it’s enough slight of hand to distract from the vegetables if you’ve got a potential mealtime uprising on your hands.

Serve with toast and call it a day.


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