Using Up Leftovers- Our Weekly Frittata

Top-to-tail eating is something that has been on trend for a few years now in the food industry.  Many (good) restaurants will make a point of using all of the animal (fat, bones, tougher cuts of the meat), all of the vegetable (stalks, leaves etc), forage for garnishes etc.

Traveling with Kids- Our Recent Hot Dog Experience

When you enter a new and unfamiliar culture, as I did nearly nine years ago when moving to London, you prepare yourself to feel out of your element.  You read up on the pending changes. You think about them, try to imagine yourself experiencing them first hand.  Stand on the right, walk on the left….

Catering for Allergies

I have always loved Chinese food.  As an American Jew, I have strong ties to the Chinese restaurant, where our family spent Christmas eve or day each year, as it is pretty much the only establishments open on Christmas in the US.  As an adult, well, I work for a Chinese cookery school after all. …