Avocado Pesto; Guacamole’s Italian-speaking cousin

Avocados have been a weekly staple for me for probably about 15 years now (I know I know…carbon footprint).  Starting from my long stint as a vegetarian this weekly staple began as a luxury and somehow moved into plain necessity.  When I was living in New Mexico they were nearly local and always cheap. When I moved to London they were my solution to the crappy versions of “Mexican food” that were on offer at the time.  And now, they are an easy, kid-friendly solution to my daily worry that the girls aren’t getting enough nutrients (they are but you know, I’m a Jewish mother at heart after all). Continue reading

Miso Salmon with Lemon and Ginger

Like most people, I have days when it’s hard not compare my current life to the lives of others.  I’ll work with someone, speak with someone, read about someone who is no doubt my age or younger (almost always younger- of course), fully immersed in their careers and passionately making great strides and accomplishing new things, and I’ll wonder what exactly I’ve done to contribute, to advance.

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A thoughtful gift for new parents

Almost a year ago exactly I received one of the most thoughtful, understated and yet heroic gifts I had ever experienced.  At this time we had one confused and slightly bedraggled two-year old, and one very loud and needy newborn, both under my sole care most days as Nick’s paternity leave had ended and he was forced to drag himself back to work. Overwhelmed, under-washed, always hungry and likely having to pee, I was in the thick of being a solo daytime new parent of two. Continue reading

Matzah Brei- Reminders of Home

Earlier this week, in preparation for my version of the upcoming Passover holiday, I was testing out my recipe for Matzah Brei.  For those unfamiliar with anything other than recreational matzah eating (if you’re wondering if you are a recreational matzah eater, you probably are if you ever uttered something similar to, “matzah’s just like crackers!” ) Matzah Brei is should also not be confused with the brie, the delicious French cheese.  Oh were matzah ever that creamy… Continue reading

Embracing our multi-cultural roots with Homemade Mint Sauce

Despite our compatible personalities, Nick and I come from very different places (culturally and geographically) and have had very different upbringings to boot.

His: Scottish heritage. Lived in Scotland, America, Taiwan, Malaysia (and now England) all before he was 18 years of age.  Celebrated a secular Christmas and Easter.

Hers: Eastern European heritage. Grew up in the Midwest of the US (go Cleveland!), only moving out of state, and then out of country independently, after the age of 18.  Celebrated only Jewish holidays.

So when we decided to become family, and then add two little people to it, we knew we would have to create our own traditions, given that our background and experiences were so vastly different from one another.

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