Weekly Meal Prep- and other slightly neurotic kitchen habits

It is no secret I am a lover of lists, multi-coloured post-it-notes, pens, and any other whistles and bells marketed towards slightly-compulsive-disguised-as-organised people. Weekly meal prep makes me feel accomplished, prepared, ready to take on the world through my refrigerator and wipe board (only exaggerating slightly). And the pretty vegetables, matching-lid tupperware, and labeled containers- they are the stuff of dreams. Continue reading

Spiced Pork & Green Bean Burgers: A textured burger experience!

A few months ago I saw a recipe from Chef Jeremy Pang that really caught my eye.  It was a recipe for fish cakes from his upcoming book; Chinese Unchopped (out this June).  In it he added an unusual ingredient; green beans.  Generally speaking I’m not a huge fan of fishcakes, especially the ones you often find here in the UK that can be overly starchy and under seasoned, and at least 50% potato (ummm those are poorly done latkes people!).  The few times I have made the mistake of ordering them I’m always disappointed, as I’m forced to eat the same exact bite over and over again.  No texture or flavour variance, nothing new or exciting to keep me eating more- so boring!  Continue reading

Broccoli, Spinach & Parmesan Fritters with Lemon

During cake week last week a friend asked me what we had planned for Easter this year.  It suddenly dawned on me, I hadn’t actually given one single thought past getting through that week.  I had built it up for so long; the cakes, the special celebrations, the presents, the activities, that it felt a little bit like falling off a cliff when it was all over.  It was a relief too of course as I had built up that week to serious mountain-size heights in my head, but all of a sudden I was without the ‘next project’ queued up. Continue reading