ALL the birthday cake

This coming week of March will, I suspect, prove itself to be the most chaotic, cake-laden and sentimental time of the year for our family for years to come, as it contains both the girls’ birthdays. Apparently Nick and I are predictable…

As I prepare myself for the week with multiple cake making projects I’m also attempting to grapple with the acceptance that my once little baby is in fact, an independent, intuitive and opinionated three-year-old. And my snugly newborn is a goofy, toddling, fearless one-year-old.  Despite their closeness in age, as well as birth date, it’s also been somewhat of a revelation for me to marvel at just how different they are, as well as how different Nick and I  have become through parenting them.

DSC_0496 Nell was born to two first-time parents.  She taught us about the incredible weight of parenthood, and the intense and irreversible nature of the title ‘mother’ and ‘father’.  Parenthood was a strange, thick, sweet, bottomless pool we were immersing ourselves in.  It was all encompassing syrup that coated every action we took. It was both amazing and totally confusing.  Real responsibility had kicked in.DSC_0498

Isla was of course born to second-time parents. Her birth was almost funny in a way, and thankfully much lighter than Nell’s had been. I spent the day before it at the playground, laughing at the fact I was pushing Nell on the swings in-between contractions. I can only imagine what other parents thought as I stopped to clutch the swing set bars, then carried on pushing my little girl as if nothing had happened. Isla broke up the thickness with chaos at first (and noise!) but then a lightheartedness that was her very own.  And truthfully, even Nell’s outlook seemed a little bit lighter, easier than it had been previously.  We surprised ourselves with our adaptability, and have since done pretty well overall, figuring out our life as a family of four.

DSC_0502This week we will feast on cake and celebrate these two crazy, unpredictable, irreplaceable little creatures.  And I will remember the first time I held them on their actual birth day, and try very hard not to cry.

DSC_0511PS. Recipes for Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (Isla) and Strawberry & Cream Cupcakes (Nell) next week!


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  1. Annie Hall says:

    Happy birthdays to your two beautiful girls. It goes so quickly, and it’s wonderful that you are cherishing every moment. Beautiful post. And looking forward immensely to the cakes!


    1. Thanks Ann! I can only imagine what birthdays are like in your household with your cake creations! You should always feel free to send leftovers our way 🙂


  2. Bebe Weinberg Katz says:

    sweet, on so many levels


    1. I know you know what I’m talking about, Mom.


  3. I love this! I love your honesty when it comes to parenthood – and the cupcakes, of course! Celebrate your beautiful daughters, they (and you) deserve it!


    1. One round of cupcakes down, another yet to go! Want to come over and help us with the leftovers?


  4. Phylicia says:

    Where can I get the little holders!?


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