The Dance of the Kitchen

For as long as I can remember dancing had always been a major part of my life. Even before I came into the world. I was carried by and then born to a dancer, who not long after became my very first dance teacher. After Mom, I took years and years worth of dance lessons, from other non-related teachers, once we worked out it was probably best to separate the roles of mother from dance teacher.  I took part performing in a dance company since the age of ten and carried on through college, directing a dance company myself thereafter, and receiving a Master’s Degree in Dance Anthropology after that.  Dance was practically my whole world for so long, that it’s sometimes strange for me to acknowledge that it no longer occupies such a large space in my life, and chunk of my time.  I will always look back lovingly, and very occasionally longingly, at the behind-the-curtain culture of the dance world I was such an active part of.  I still love dance just as much as I always had, just differently now. Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cookies; a love note to my husband

This blog currently has but three people I know who read every word I write; my mom, my dad and my husband.  (Hi guys!)  And through I appreciate the love and support from all of them, this post, given that it’s Valentines day and all, is dedicated to my husband… Though it should be known that my dad has sent me flowers on this day for as long as I can remember.  They have had a way of ‘following me home’ to a myriad of rooms, apartments, houses and countries- they have a much better sense of direction than I do! He and my mother will get their culinary tribute this May when we invade their home and create total utter loveable chaos.  This one though, on the anniversary of his marriage proposal, goes to Nick. Continue reading

Squash & Carrot Cornbread Muffins

This week London saw its first, and likely only short-lived snowfall this year.  My husband had been watching weather reports for it since long before Christmas, in hopes that Nell; lover of all things ‘Snowman’ and ‘Frozen’, would get the chance to build her own.  Finally it happened, and the nearly hour-long preparation of snow pants, coats, hats and gloves was met with a glorious ten minutes of snow play.  She’s a Londoner, it’s not her fault she has no cold weather endurance. Continue reading