Sweet Potato, Apple & Lentil Dip

Since becoming a parent I cannot understate enough the need I’ve developed for quick meals and convenience food.  It’s been quite the learning curve; the discovery of how those few minutes in between the last activity that held anyone’s attention, and eating can escalate from slight discomfort to total break down in literally seconds.  

Saddness and Oatmeal

This morning I made oatmeal, because I was sad. Sad that there are now two babies in the world with one less set of arms to hug them and love them. Sad there is now a wife without the opportunity for mundane comforts, like kissing her husband goodbye when he goes off to work. Sad…

Kale Pesto Pizza

I know what you’re going to say. Enough with the kale trend already people, no one likes kale.  And well, it’s true.  Kale can be a pretty rough vegetable to eat.  It’s very tough, it’s kind of bitter, and lord knows if I see another ‘kale chip’ or someone convincing me to put it into…

Dinner parties don’t have to be complicated

As a self-admitted perfectionist when it comes to cooking, turning my kitchen efforts towards my children has been very, well, humbling.  Sometimes I have to manage doing something one-handed and it ends up looking the polar opposite of pretty or even appetising.  Or I run out of time before the tears and whining kicks into…


This attempt at capturing even just fragments of the important lessons and experiences I hope to give my children through their exploration of food. Cooking it together. Eating it together. Being curious or creative or determined, or just plain messy. Let the adventures begin.